“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be created.”

Passionate Progress

Every design takes a new approach, and I will take you from concept to development showing you the steps I have taken throughout my career. Fliers, websites, mobile apps, and other projects have been some that I have helped create. I always look forward to the next project that can challenge me and help me grow.

Professional Educational Training

Vegan Pizza Love

The application shown here was built through the Develop Detroit program that I attended from June to August 2012. The iOS project is a geo location app that helps the user find restaurants that serve vegan pizza.

College Cook

This website has been an on going project that was created in order to help college students learn to support themselves. It teaches students how to live healthy in a college atmosphere. It centers around the vegetarian lifestyle and presents easy ways to transition into a healthier more fulfilling way of eating.



As a professional developer I know the importance of being up to date with new technology, this is why I constantly invest time to online training. I’m always learning new methods and techniques that I can apply to my projects. I have listed a couple of video courses that I have completed.


When I’m not coding, I can usually be found reading and absorbing new information. I am aware that supplemental learning is important to the growth and development of my skills in the field. Currently I am working to further improve my iOS developing skills by reading the books I have listed.